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"Whoever tortures a human being, Whoever abuses a human being, Whoever outrages a human being, Abuses God's image, And the church takes as its own That cross, that martyrdom."

Archbishop Romero of El Salvador, murdered in 1980 because of his support for the poor and suffering people of his country

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                       Easter 2019 Card Campaign - details released

Newsflashes March 2019


human rights challenged by the terrorist threat



The Annual General Meeting this year will take place on 5 October 2019 at St James's Church, Spanish Place, 22 George St, London W1U 3QY. Papers will be circulated as usual one month before the meeting. AGM business will be conducted between 12 noon and 1 pm, with light refreshments provided for lunch. We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Gibson has agreed to speak to us on her work as Head of the Assassinations Project for Reprieve. This includes the USA's extra-judicial killings programme by the use of drones, i.e. imposing the death penalty without trial. The abolition of the death penalty worldwide is an essential part of ACAT'S work and also that of FIACAT.


Please come. We hope to see you there.

Christmas Greetings Campaign 2019-20 details available  here